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Jordan "VenemaRudy Parris has a long relationship with music, which he explains through stories. He has released his own albums, joined a number of bands and even recorded with the voice actor Michael Madsen, but he has never signed to a record label to concentrate on writing music.

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A band that plays for 2 hours would take a 15 minute break, play for 45 minutes, then play the whole last hour, and then a band that plays for 3 hours would take a 15 minute break. The DJ service can last up to 90 minutes or more, but the band or musician you hire has its own schedule that you can tell them in more detail about. Below you will find answers to some frequently asked questions about when to book bands in Visalia, CA.

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Whether you're on the national stage or in a hole in the wall, it's never the same for Parris. Whether he goes his own way or not, he has always been able to do so far from home, whether nationally, locally or even in his home state of California.

The sound is a bit different from what I can put my finger on, but not too different from the rest of the music out there.

Bakersfield developed its own sound in the mid-20th century, but at a time when Nashville shared the charts with California, no one did anything big with it. Barber and Parris' albums have a story to tell, mixed with hard riffs, and everything you could chew on. While Nashville focused on a more productive, orchestrated sound, Bakersfield's Honkytonk bars produced more of a bluesy, country-style sound than Nashville, "Parris said. Legends like Johnny Cash, Hank Williams Jr. and The Grateful Dead all came from the Honkeytonks and bars of Bakerfield.

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