Visalia California Fairfield Inn

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The night attendant I checked in with was friendly, gave me a welcome bag of water and snack mix and confirmed my CV Titan status as far as I had contact with staff. The lady who covers the breakfast area is friendly and the homeless camp at the entrance to the parking lot did not meet my expectations much. I know the Fairfield Inn is at the lower end of the spectrum for the Marriott brand, but this place is just bad.

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The hotel is right on the motorway, shops and restaurants are nearby, so it is convenient in that sense, but the location has more drawbacks than benefits. Unfortunately, my room is in front of the loading station for the Smart Finale and with the delivery from 5: 00 am my sleep is over in a few minutes. The defects and lack of repairs are obvious and new, leading me to believe that management and staff are simply not interested in renovations that are pending.

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More About Visalia