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This full-day workshop takes elementary school teachers on a themed day to learn elements of art principles and design to integrate fine arts into the curriculum. You will see how common core state standards are incorporated into art and how technology can be used as a resource and instructional tool for art. In addition to exploring the dual meaning, you will also be offered the opportunity to learn how to communicate language arts and mathematical concepts with the visual arts in non-productive art activities.

The adult participants can look forward to a full day of hands-on activities with a variety of art activities for children and adults.

Art is held in the art facilities of the College of Sequoias, and you will meet and greet your colleagues, artists and educators. They begin with a hor d'oeuvre and are attended by a variety of artists, craftsmen, educators, students and other community members during the monthly event. Art is the focus of this year's Visalia California Art Month, and we will be organizing a series of guest speakers that will highlight Southern California art and culture and the history of California art in general.

For more information and class descriptions, visit or the Visalia Art Month office at (707) 888-5555 or the website for more details on the monthly events and other events. For directions and parking information, please click here and for parking information call (877) 787-4500 or email parking @

Take a scenic drive and stay overnight in the Visalia Canyon Botanical Garden, which is nestled among orange trees. The garden offers some of the best California fruits and vegetables to see, smell and taste in a unique setting.

Such spaces are ideal for artists and community members who want to meet to talk about their art or see the art of the people. Come and join us in the coming weeks to find out how art teaching is changing and how it is related to the new Common Core Standards of the State.

Professor Naylor Johnson's keynote will be delivered based on his experience as an educational technology strategist who developed SCAD eLearning, the state's first and only online learning program for high school students. Delmar graduated from Lindsay High School in 1963 and went on to college, graduating from Sacramento State University and working as a teacher, assistant teacher and assistant in the School of Education at UC Davis. The artist Amy Morgan will present her first solo exhibition at COS Art Hop on Saturday, April 15, from 5 to 8 pm.

The 100-acre ranch is offered to the County of Tulare under the California Land Use and Conservation Act (LACCA), which requires the land to be preserved as a public park for the enjoyment of all. The now fully restored Special Conservation Area is an ecologically-based aggregate mine and site of one of California's oldest and most successful mining operations.

Circle J. Norris Ranch is looking for technicians to set up a research area for oak forests and help with its restoration project. The woodworkers, who have lived in the central San Joaquin Valley since 1997 and are part of a group called Sequoia Woodcomputers, mostly put their woodwork together and are used for woodworking, painting and sculpture projects.

On SCICON's outdoor campus, Circle J provides educational opportunities for students, faculty, staff and employees of the Tulare County Community College District. Through a multimedia facility that provides unique and exciting learning experiences that complement and reinforce the curriculum, students from Tulares County, San Joaquin Valley and Central Valley are offered a variety of programs. The 60-seat theater is located on the second floor of a two-story building in the Center for the Arts and features a video produced by TCOE about the various ethnic groups that populated farms and ranches in Tulared County.

From December to March, typically student artworks are exhibited and the public is invited to view the exhibition. Entries will be judged by local artists and the works that receive the "Best of the Show" prize will be highlighted in March, the month of art education.

Visit us on Friday, November 1st, at the opening of the Visalia California Art Show at the San Bernardino County Museum of Art. Celebrations include live music, food and drink, art exhibitions, workshops and more.

On Saturday, November 4, Visalia will host the CAEA Central Area Conference, which will offer students, faculty and staff from all over the state a wide range of educational opportunities. Sequoia High School in Visalia will offer several art courses, consisting of about 140 students, taught by Sarah Coker.

The California Science and Engineering Fair, where students in grades 6-12 of the California State Science, Engineering and Mathematics (CAEA) program qualify to participate in the NorCal State Science Competition. This year, the first California High School Science Fair will be presented on Saturday, November 4, in Visalia, with the aim of promoting the development of the Neither does the Cal State science competition and $1,000 in prize money.

More About Visalia

More About Visalia